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The Baltic Sea Region

The Baltic Sea Region is world’s third most popular cruise market. It’s astounding growth in the last two decades is, among other, due to geopolitical changes in this part of the world: the disintegration of Soviet Union, emergence of new Baltic States and their openness. Only in the years 2000 – 2012 the number of passengers visiting Baltic destinations increased by an average annual rate of 11.6% , from 1.1 mill. In 2000 to nearly 4.2 mill. In 2012.

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The Baltic Sea and its regions offer a unique and diverse environment. The many archipelagos, seashores and marine environments afford the visitor a rich variety of bird life, beautiful vistas and fresh air in abundance. And this is an environment rich in culture and history.

Here you will find picturesque cities and old town centers where you can stroll and gain a sense of centuries past. The Baltic Sea Region has been home to great empires and still today is home to some of the world’s oldest existing monarchies. Explore magnificent palaces, royal castles, cathedrals and impressive fortresses or experience the splendor of the Russian empire under Peter the Great.

Few cruise regions offer such diversity and opportunity for an enchanting cruise experience as the Baltic Sea region. The port intensive cruise itineraries make it possible not just to wake up in a new country every morning, but also to cover everything from famous capitals to smaller, unexplored towns ad cities. Gdynia – often referred to, and known, as the Maritime Capital of Poland is among Baltic large cruise destinations. She is the only port in Poland to accommodate the largest cruise vessels entering the Baltic Sea.

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Each year over 100 000 cruise passengers come to the city and its extremely attractive neighborhood. Gdynia, among other, welcomes them in the unique Passengers’ Alley in the most presentable part of the city. Granite plates commemorate the visit of the largest and most beautiful of them. She is the gateway to the Pomeranian Region with its 1000-year-old city of Gdańsk, Malbork, the Hel Peninsular and many other.

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